"Just look at her students booking rates and watch them all on T.V."

As with most of us, I fell into this path of teaching and directing actors at a very early age with the help of many mentors. Eventually, after teaching school in LA for a couple years, my kitchen became the classroom for many young stars and starlets….. Like Patrick Swayze, Mary Kay Place and athletes like Greg Louganis and Mitch Gaylord. Agent friends and managers started filling my classes as clients started booking left and right. Those were the days before casting workshops. Time moved on as I blended my methods with those of Viola Spolin (look her up). That is when “tackling the audition game” began to be my life’s work next to raising three sons. Small, intimate classes and private coaching with connections to all the big agencies and managers have sustained my career. And I can honestly say that the audition challenge here in Los Angeles continues to intrigue me and presses me to continue learning.